Put quite simply, Tilda Swinton is remarkable. As an actor, her transformations into character are exactly that, a complete transformation in sight, body and mind that is honest and never forced. As a fashion aficionado, her style choices are gallant, sophisticated and courageous as she constantly pushes the boundaries between the traditional definition between masculinity and femininity. And as an orator, her view of the world is intelligent, cultured and matter-of-fact. 

"I`m basically interested in identity, and I still find fascinating the question, "How do we identify ourselves, and how do we settle into other people`s expectations for our identity?" 

You`re always playing yourself. It`s all autobiography, whatever you`re doing. It`s using them as a kind of prism through which to throw something real about yourself, or something relaxed at least. Because the last thing you want is to look like you`re acting.”

What an icon.